Have You

Have you ever sat in a corner, watching the world around you?

Have you ever looked out from your darkness, to see how others fall and pick themselves up?

Have you ever smiled at the beauty of the sky, only to notice some red eyes walking by?

Have you salivate over your senses, and have a child sit in a corner begging for a piece of bread?

Have you ever wonder, why there is happiness when there is so much hurt?

Have you wondered, how can people be so cruel when our hearts capable of so much love?

Have you ever thought about what it means to live and die?

Have you ever wished you had a life you see through the window panels of someone’s home?

Have you wanted to be someone else?

Have you hoped to switch off your button?

Have you yearned for someone, knowing there is none?

Have you felt lonesome, when the world is joyful?

Have you been joyful when misery strikes the sky?

Have you closed your eyes and wished for magic to perfect this imperfect world?

Have you reached out to hold the hands of a stranger and feel what they feel?

Have you looked deep beneath the layers of complexity blanketing our greed?

Have you asked yourself what makes you human?

Have you sensed the glitter that surrounds you every night from high above while you weep yourself to sleep?

Have you sympathised with others while counting your own blessings?

Have you grabbed an opportunity, even when it leads others to destruction?

Have you wondered who you are and what you are here for?

Have you?

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  1. Have you ever looked up in the sky and wonder how many souls out there,talking to the man on the moon and bawling their heart out to him hoping he would take their sorrows away? I would love to know the answers to your questions.

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    1. Mugilan Raju says:

      Yes, I do that most of the time. Watching the world plants my feet where it is supposed to be. It’s comforting to know there are others out there who feel this way.

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      1. You’re not alone (:

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  2. vvjna96 says:

    Have you, is like a reflection of myself :”)

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  3. Yes I have…and found what I had been seeking. It is in understanding those things, so that when you finally do look within, you understand the journey.
    And it is only when you understand those fears that block you from looking within, that you can truly see the heart within, and do the one thing that will free you…to truly love yourself, by facing those fears.
    Anger must be felt, to realise happiness….hate must be felt, to understand love. This world is so beautifully balanced so that understanding is always being touched, and in those understandings our fears lose their power, the walls we build come tumbling down, and a new light enters like no other.
    That is our journey, and it can only be appreciated by daring this path, gaining in much wisdom because of it, and finding the love that is always waiting within that understanding. Namaste

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  4. JoAnna says:

    Yes, I have sat in a corner and watched the world around me. And I have yearned for someone, hoping there was one for me. But I had to accept God’s plan, even if it meant there was none. When I sensed the glitter that surrounded me every night from high above while I cried myself to sleep, it dried my tears. God heard my cries, and when the time was right, brought the one to me.

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  5. ‘Have You’ ever thought that this ‘Have You’ everybody thinks so, if ‘Have You’ was thought so the world could and would have been better place to not to think of ‘Have You’.
    In other ways this ‘Have You’ they think and ask for themselves ‘Have You’ enough money, ‘Have You’ a Car, Have You a Palatial Home, ‘Have You’ what the richest of the rich have.
    Don’t you think so of this ‘Have You’ being so.
    Best Wishes,

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  6. Many times! 🙂 Lovely post! 🙂

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  8. letyourselfspeak says:

    all that this post can do to me..or anyone who have..is make us smile 🙂
    keep writing wonders! 🙂

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  9. Yes.. and some not yet.. and then yes..

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  10. Shreya Kedia says:

    So very well penned. Some questions that are worth pondering over.

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  11. timelesswheel says:


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  12. Daramemon says:

    Yes, always

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  13. Shailja... says:

    MARVELLOUS! Mugilan!
    Yes I have wondered about every part of it!

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  14. Reblogged this on Cattie's World and commented:
    This is a introspective poem writen by Mr. Mugilan Raju.

    I loved every though provoking question he has asked his readers. This surely an Eye Opener for us, to Introspect ourselves.


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  15. I have posted your above poem on my Blog also. Because I want to sit and answer all the questions myself first, before asking my friends.

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  16. Ms Lovely says:

    Your philosophy is beautiful. You sure are well connected to the universe! You are meant to inspire and enlighten others for sure. Never stop sharing your beautiful mind. Shrukram (ok maybe its spelled different lol)

    Oh and thank you for following my blog. It is truly an honor to have you as a guest in my blog thank you. I also followed your blog, not in return… I simply love the wisdom in your writing, very calming and soothing to read 👍👌❤

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  17. This is beautiful. So many beautiful questions

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  18. Nathiyaa says:

    This is too good! I love it!

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  19. marisselee says:

    Well, have you? So many things about life we wonder about and it is fascinating how we tend to muse about things outside but less about things inside.

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  20. fazryn211 says:

    This is beautiful writing and thought.

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  21. Snig says:

    Hey! I’m going to be starting a guest post segment on my blog. I was wondering if you would like to be a part of it. If you would, hit me up on imnotsureaboutthis4@gmail.com.

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  22. Kayshini says:

    This ones my personal favourite I love how people can relate to your content and actually feel what you write. You’re an amazing writer/poet keep doing what you do because it’s beautiful!

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  23. Over the course of my 64 years, I’ve done most of those things and had most of those thoughts. But, Time changes the answers. Thanks for following my blog, Mugilan Raju, appreciated.

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  24. dewofmay says:

    Hey Mugilan! Thank you for following my blog. I am really enjoying your thoughts here. You write so very well. Keep it going 😀 Best, Dew

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  25. Great reflections and amazing questions to ponder on my life. Thank you for sharing your wondrous writings!

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  26. This piece is awesome! 👌👌

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  27. Sughee says:

    I’ll really have to say you’re words can comprise all the undeniable truth and the current fate of the livings these days. I felt each and every word you said. It felt so real like we’ve all worked through those emotions seeing how relatable it is to all of us. You’re truly blessed to have such a gift to put down all the feelings and emotions to words my friend. Not everyone is capable of doing it. And you’re doing pretty awesome. I’m feeling super lucky to have met someone who seems to understand my feelings. It’s hard to find people who’ll understand each indescribable thoughts. You’re a super unique being and I’d always love to see more of your magical writings Mugi ❤️

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  28. Jeanna Kay says:

    Beautiful and thought provoking post!

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  29. pjhammon says:

    Yes. It’s very relatable though not all of them are answered by ‘yes.’ Keep writing wonders.

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