I Can See Her

I can hear her smiling today,

I can see her, pierced by a thousand gazes, admiring her beauty, her very elegance,

Her golden lustrous aura spills of sunlight, blinding them, telling them that she can see none. But still, does the sun ever distinguish the wavering speck of cosmic dust?

I can trace her thoughts wandering, in utter forms of ecstasy, warming her up inside, spiraling down her spine,

There is a cleared out space inside her head, and I transformed it into an enchanting garden. Every time she speak, a tulip blooms in her ribcage and a lilac streams down her veins, dissolving in her blood, in her every scent, summoning me to breathe it all in?

I am casting an incantation with my fingertips, but somehow she’s translating her sorcery into mine,

I can see her with sun kissed hair locks, caressing the night sky that she wore yesterday,

She look like the twilight of the night, readying itself to make love to the day; right unto her silky skin,

I can see her, as if she’s right here in front of me, with this urge to talk, but never speak,

I can see her silence coming down in waves, crashing down thoughts on my shorelines. I pick each and every one, just to swallow them whole,

I can see her,

God she’s driving me mad,

But I can see her,

And I think she can see me too.

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  1. anaghamurali says:


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  2. Gama says:

    Nice one👍

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  3. Diana says:

    Beautiful! Women in a positive light. Alluring yet not sexually explicit or overbearing in any form. How refreshing!
    And the pictures you have! Love them! So unique. I am not a person that has much art on my walls of people, but these offer interest in doing so.
    Enjoyable reads!

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  4. Diana says:

    Oops! Meant to write sexually exploited not explicit.

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  5. Sarga says:

    Beauty at its best 🙂 Keep writing Mugilan. 🙂 You are good.

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  6. This is beyond amazing. You just create an aura, a Brilliant magical spell with your words. Wow!

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  7. bhaatdal says:

    Beautiful! Moon fairy she is .. Excellently written. A treat to my eyes .. 🙂

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  8. It’s so beautiful!

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  9. daramemon says:

    Love of a man well spoken

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  10. Really loving your blog 😍 it’s beautiful 👌 every post is just amazing

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  11. rubyr8 says:

    Wow, delicate words to describe a beautiful soul.

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  12. Peter Klopp says:

    You have the artistic craftsmanship with words rarely found in our modern world. I am looking forward to reading more of your amazing posts.Greetings from Canada!

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  13. brickthomas says:

    Nice work. Brick

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  14. Sreepriya Menon- inspired living says:

    It’s beautifully presented.

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  15. Ivy says:


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  16. fatimah748 says:


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  17. I love how you spread such inspirations to the world. It is absolutely fantastic. I love them too!

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  18. Shayra says:

    Beautiful words. Thanks for stopping by otherwise I might miss the chance of reading your excellent posts. Your posts seem like a flowing soothing thoughts gushing in your heart.👌

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  19. betweenthelines2017blog says:

    So beautiful… a talent like yours is such a precious gift. Every word, every poem touched my heart and beyond the artistic expression. I saw you… a wonderful, loving soul, generous and kind enough to create magic around him. Thank you for writing the way you do and thank you for following my blog, I’m honored more than words can say!

    Many blessings upon you,

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  20. yumyumlecta says:

    I love the wishful thinking… the inkling of possibility wrapped up in the impossible.

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  21. Antonio Superba says:

    You having great sense.

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  22. Antonio Superba says:

    It’s a very, just fine ,you do it. Thanks for like. To be ,it’s just fine. Love itself is kee and truth are we find as door.be

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  23. Trisha : Tale of a Bookworm says:

    Beautiful! It’s really a great feeling when someone really sees you! 👍

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  24. You are an amazing writer! 😩😂

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    1. 😩♥️😍^^^

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  25. Yes I can see her, she is pretty! I wish I can get a girl like her.

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