All that I Can See

I can see a dimly rainbow-lit bridge.

I can see us, wearing yesterday.

I can see a middle-aged architecture alley, with gargoyles staring at us.

I can see the whole place wondering aloft a cloud, right next to me.

I can see a bench, two lovers, and a blinding light that I mistake for the sun.

I can see her wearing an outstretched night sky, a black silk dress. Her hair is strewn all over the sky today, filled with clouds.

I can see galaxies exploding in her eyes.

I can see stars collapsing, others being reborn, deep down in her eyes.

I can see her lips, and mistake them for that fine line separating the sky and the ocean. Once they part, she swallow in every drop.

I can see valleys covered in ice, with a raging fire underneath.

I can see the shadow of the universe, trapped in her eyelids, hymning our story.

I can see the moon in one hand, the sun in the other, and when she move, she’s the darkness and light.

I can hear a pounding heart, giving rhythm to reality, while pumping rivers of fantasies into my own veins.

That’s what I can see today, and it feels like I haven’t seen anything yet.


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  1. Amunala says:

    i come in peace*offering a handshake*
    Beautiful piece indeed.

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    1. ironmic215 says:

      The words visually took me to another realm

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  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely! 👍

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  3. unuecopartio says:

    She is definitely most lovely and worthy of our ability to witness. 🙂

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  4. bunchup says:

    Metaphorical and interesting. Thumbs up.

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  5. Nena says:

    So beautiful! I felt my heart pounding;)

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  6. mitchteemley says:

    Sweetly unpredictable. More!

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  7. I can see a lovely post

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  8. So very creative! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

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  9. Deb says:

    And that was just today! Each day brings new visions…you express them effortlessly and magically, continue to tell us all that you can see! 🙂

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  10. It’s so beautiful, thanks for it.

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  11. Debbie L says:

    Wow, that was amazing! We just visited a Planetarium so that makes your words even more visual to me.

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  12. God Bless you my dear friend. Let his Peace dwell on you. Amen Hallelujah Praise his Holy Name.

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  13. Pat says:

    This was very inspiring, and takes me to many places which permits me to see more clearly. Thanks for the message 😊💃

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  14. aruna3 says:

    Wonderful lines. Wearing yesterday… here is some internet problem so I can not read all your posts.

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  15. aruna3 says:

    Oh now your full poem, I am reading. Every lines touch the heart. Good combination between nature and love. You’re an amazing writer.

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  16. Swetha M says:

    This is crazy fantastic! Your thoughts are dreamy. Thanks for sharing!

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  17. reocochran says:

    Wow! Lovely list of beautiful sights. We are blessed with good eyes. Smiles, Robin

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  18. my valiant soul says:

    Invigorating. Simply beautiful.

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  19. Prerna says:

    Loved your writings.

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  20. akansha1602 says:

    Splendid work..well done

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  21. Vidushi says:

    Wow! Really, it’s beautiful. You wrote it so well and all I can say is- I just loved it. 🙂
    I can see a whole new and different world of writing.

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  22. Brunda says:

    Wow! Such a beautiful piece of work! I was where the guy in the picture sits! beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful 🙂

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  23. Lady CAS says:

    You’ve done it again! I had to nominate you for a liebster award because of it. should you choose to accept it please follow the above link and enjoy! 🙂

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  24. This is a brilliant line
    ‘I can see us, wearing yesterday.’

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  25. 🍁Boltie Crystal Blossom🍁 says:

    This is so beautifully written! I wish I can write and express my emotions like that. This is pure art. You just earned a follow.

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  26. shambhavi31 says:

    It’s beautiful! An imagery so exquisite, nature in your words, love in your lines are expressed really well! 🙂

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  27. michnavs says:

    the repetition of lines is so beautiful. .the lines speak of itself as it is…wonderful.

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  28. sailajaP14 says:

    This is beautiful!

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  29. My Heart Your Shelter says:

    This is so perfectly beautiful. I look forward to reading more.

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  30. Yours Truly says:

    So wonderful! The woman who inspired these words must be very lovely indeed but also very lucky to have someone in her life that can appreciate the depth of her inner and outer beauty.

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  31. Bowled over 😮 …this is sensational …beautiful …m so grasped with it wanna read it again n again

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  32. Sarah Shafni says:


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  33. Susan says:

    “Wearing yesterday…”Beautiful !
    You’re very talented!

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  34. You took me with you, beautiful!

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  35. wonderful composition, really wonderful

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  36. Vinnie Dime says:

    Awesome ! I love this one !!! You can really feel the love through this poetic descriptions !

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  37. I love the imagery you carry throughout the poem, I get a strong sense of a beautiful, sexual mother nature. Looking forward to seeing more of your writing. 🙂

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  38. Wow, Mugilan! Beautiful poetry. And I love what you wrote for your profile, too. Will be following, and I look forward to reading more. 🙂

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  39. C.D. Belacho says:

    Beautifully written

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  40. Just now getting to read yours… love this post. I know this feeling. Just when I think I see stars, I see stars behind stars. And behind them. Just when I think I know my husband of 23 years, I don’t know him at all. It’s an amazing journey, this life. Aloha!

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  41. mismei says:

    i love your twitter feeds! and now reading your blog, I’m in awe! lovely. keep it up!

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  42. blkkat49 says:

    Beautifully written. Your words are so visual. I love the line “I can see us, wearing yesterday. ” A very enjoyable read.

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  43. Little Voice says:

    What a lovely poem. I love the night pix on the left.

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  44. Becky says:

    Very nice. You have a gift for setting the stage of your poem well with imagery that invites your reader to understand and join you. Great work.

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  45. boozilla says:

    Sorry for the delay in responding to you. What wonderful poems you write! I look forward to reading more for sure.

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  46. I have drowned into it. Awesome man 👌

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  47. Lovely post with pristine words ❤

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  48. I literally get lost in your reading your writing and images ! It is such a fabulous escape…

    I have nominated you for an award!

    Kind Regards and feeling grateful – K

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  49. Shailja... says:

    Hey,I love your poems and found them really versatile,interesting,deep and relatable to me.I have nominated you for the “VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD”🙂🙂.
    Keep Up the good work,!
    Go through the above link to see the rules for the award.
    Have a good day and an awesome September!

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  50. chris jensen says:

    I see with my eyes wide shut a world within a love destiny!

    i also see that you dropped in for a read,

    thank you

    in a manly hug chris

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  51. B says:

    What gorgeous imagery! I really enjoyed this post. This is my first time dropping by your blog and I’m looking forward to more beautiful posts. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

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  52. maribey says:

    Beautiful! Many greetings to you, Marion

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  53. Dave says:

    Impressive imagery, I love it 🙂

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  54. Mari says:

    Wonderful work! Thanks!

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  55. Nini says:

    Reading your poems reduces stress 😍

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  56. tziviaeadler says:

    your i’ve seen list is glorious.

    i want a rainbow-lit bridge.

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  57. The Cat says:

    Thank you so much for following me because it enabled me to discover your blog, great stuff. I particularly like the picture on ‘All that I Can See’ lovely. I’m looking forward to you stopping wandering for a moment or two to write another piece. I hope that you enjoy my blog as much as I did yours.

    The Cat

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  58. biswa44 says:

    Oh my goodness …

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  59. That is such a beautiful string of words

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  60. Wow! I simply love this one ❤
    I can see the moon in one hand, the sun in the other, and when she move, she’s the darkness and light.

    You write exceptionally beautiful. More power to your words 🙂

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  61. fatimah748 says:

    You are amazing, you must teach me how you are so fluid with words.

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  62. Mr. Mel says:

    Many would have been content to speak of love. You have brought it to life. Wonderful writing. You have great eyes.

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  63. KNIGHT says:

    Metaphors are out of the world loved it 😍

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  64. mycountryepoque says:

    Wonderful words. Just love your blog!

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  65. pennydanger says:

    Your words are so gorgeous! You must have a beautiful heart.

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  66. cpluzc says:

    Limited sight

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  67. bcelasun says:

    To be read while listening to Tom Waits’ “Watch Her Disappear”.

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  68. Fantastic choice of metaphors… Simply fantastic

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  69. yumyumlecta says:

    I especially love “I can see the moon in one hand, the sun in the other, and when she move, she’s the darkness and light.” ❤

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  70. Kelly Soares says:

    Obrigada seus artigos como sempre muito bons.
    Parabéns já estou ansiosa pelo próximo artigo.

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